Top 10 places to exercise in the shire

Posted on 25/04/2016

Top 10 places to exercise in the shire

We believe having support of like minded people or a fitness professional (or an awesomely supportive studio like TMPT Cronulla 'wink wink') is paramount, but equally important is your training enjoyment and consistency. So get outdoors and train somewhere you feel great. We have our top 10 picks for the Shire.

10. Sutherland Sporting Ovals - Sutherland

An endless amount of options here with two huge playing fields to give you plenty of room to play around. Whether it's sprints, long runs or a high intensity body weight workout you'll feel as free as a bird.

9. Grays Point Long Run - Grays Point

Want to take you endurance to the next level? Forget other runs, this run is full of hills that are ready to test your running fitness but also dramatically improve your fitness. Start/finish from President Avenue.

8. Tonkin Oval - Cronulla

A flat oval of approximately 400m in circumference, this oval is situated in the idyllic location next to the Cronulla Sailing Club and Port Hacking River. Not only a great location but also an easy to measure distance for your sprint training. Hot tip: Sunrise and dusk are great times conduct your session.

7. Boat Harbour Sand Run - Cronulla

If there is a beach, why not use it! What is great about this run is the ability to lengthen it or shorten it to your desired distance by starting at South Cronulla or from Wanda Carpark. A picturesque location with the additional challenge of soft sand running will be sure to test you.

6. Sylvania Running Track - Sylvania Waters

Similar to Tonkin Oval this running track is the best way to accurately measure all your sprints. Record your distances and times by using the very functional Sylvania Athletic Track.

5. Greenhills Park Exercise Equipment - Cronulla

Running not your thing? No problem. Greenhills Park has a fully equiped outdoor training zone to get your calisthenics on! From chin ups to dips there is nothing you can't do here. Hot tip: Take a basketball and shoot some hoops when you're done.

4. The Honeymoon Steps - Audley

Stair runs are great, but they are even better when they span over 2km. A bush run through the National Park is a great way to spend your Sunday morning.

3. The Esplanade Run - Cronulla

A coastal run fully equiped for easy running, you can entering your own world and enjoy an evening jog or pick up the pace and push the limits each morning. An easy place to motivate yourself with an ocean view the whole way.

2. Salmon Haul Stair Runs - Cronulla

Located at the southern tip of Cronulla these stairs are short but sweet. Perfect to fine tune your performance or increase your aerobic capacity. Hot tip: Attempt these stairs as quickly as you can. Also alternate from 2 stairs at a time to 1 step.

1. The Sandhills - Cronulla

The pinnacle of aerobic conditioning. If you think you're fit, you may rethink it after a sandhills session. Not only does this location look absolutely amazing but you'll also reach unthinkable new heights. A must include session in your fitness program. Hot tip: Start with the smaller hills first and don't go too hard too early.

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