Our 5 step guide to start achieving your health and fitness goals instantly!

Posted on 04/09/2016

Losing weight and keeping it off can be one of the most challenging things to successfully achieve.

You may have noticed through previous attempts that you often started with an enormous amount of motivation, which quickly moved to boredom and missed training sessions. Just as quickly as you got started you find yourself back to where you were, demotivated, frustrated and unfit.

So what do you need to do to continue to stay motivated and ensure success?

Below are our top 5 steps that you can implement right now to start becoming leaner stronger than ever before!

  1. Set SMART goals (write them down) - SMART goals are goals that are:
    1. Specific - Be specific, like "I want to lose 10kg"
    2. Measurable - Can it be measured (i.e., your weight on the scales)
    3. Achievable - Make sure it's a goal you believe is achievable
    4. Realistic - Do you even have 10kg to lose? If not, change it for a 5kg weight loss goal
    5. Time Bound - Set a time you want this completed by (e.g., 5 kg loss over 10 weeks)
  2. Measure yourself - Depending on your goals, you can do this a few different ways, for example:
    • If your goal is to run 5km under 30 minutes, break that down to a speed of 6 minutes per KM (30 minutes / 5km's). Then go out and run as far as you can, making sure you are timing and measuring the distance you're running. If you don't make the whole 5km straight away, that's fine, just divide your total time by km's ran (20 minutes / 3km ran = 6.66 minutes per km). You now know you will need to increase your speed and your endurance to reach your goal.
    • If your goal is a weight loss goal, once again you can simply divide total weight by your Time Bound target above (5kg / 10 weeks = 0.5kg per week).

    This is paramount and what you will need to do in order to greater improve the likelyhood of you sticking to your goals. Additionally, it will enable you to setup the correct and most specific training plan.

  3. Setup your training program (seek advice!) - Now that you have a clearer picture of your current fitness level and what you will need to do to achieve your goals, it's important to setup your training plan.

    If you:

    • Don't know how to write a training program
    • How to train properly
    • Have no clue about what your nutritional intake should be

    We would recommend you find a good personal trainer and/or nutritionist to get you started in the right direction. Not only could you waste your time, but you also risk injuring yourself.

    Then, ask yourself some critical questions like:

    1. How many days per week can I train?
    2. How long will my training sessions be?
    3. Do I need a gym or Personal Trainer? If you do (and we believe everyone should be resistance training for life!), find one that suits your needs and who will keep you accountable. Then take action!

    Write your program - If you're unsure, contact us and we can assist you in a tailored program specifically designed for your needs

  4. Use a food diary - Set yourself up on a food diary (old fashion pen and paper or a smart phone app will do just fine). Learn what your macronutrient (protein, carbs & fats) intake should be, then log EVERYTHING you consume. Yes, everything! Beer, wine and other liquids count too! Not only will you learn A LOT about what you're consuming, this will also help keep you accountable and assist you in resisting the after dinner treat when you can see for yourself that you have already consumed enough for the day..

  5. Become a 'doer' and execute your plan - "A plan is only as good as its execution" and now that your plan is set, go out and complete it.
    Remember to always:
    1. Get up early. You'll be amazed how much extra time you have to exercise each day
    2. Always complete your planned sessions
    3. Always run the last km
    4. Always do the last rep
    5. Push yourself beyond where you thought possible every session
    6. Never, Never GIVE UP!

Remember, the magic will only happen once you are outside your comfort zone!

Follow these 5 steps and you'll be on your way to a fitter, stronger and healthier you in no time!

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